Belvedere Marittomo

Historical descriptions of Belevedre Marittimo, Calabria

The town of Belvedere Marittimo is composed of two distinct parts: the medieval village, perched on a rocky outcrop about 150 meters above sea level, and the parts that rises on the coast, known as Marina of Belvedere, built in Roman latest equipment and housing and apartments.

The city enjoys a mild winter climate and hot summers, but not hot.

One of the oldest monuments is the church of the Rosary, whose portal, in sandstone, is engraved the year 1091.

In Rocca Contrada is present in an observation tower on a quadrangular base in Rome.

In the figure the old castle, of Norman origin, but rebuilt by the Aragonese. There is also the birthplace of St. Daniel Fasanella, patron of the place.

An important wooden crucifix dating from the seventeenth century according to some is present in the Church of the same name located in the historic center of the town.

Part of the municipal area of Belvedere Marittimo is included in the protected area of the Parco Nazionale del Pollino.