Santa Maria del Cedro

Historical descriptions of Santa Maria del Cedro, Calabria

The history of Santa Maria del Cedro is between the colors of its territory.
If the blue sea and silver of the Tyrrhenian beaches make the town a tourist destination in summer, the green of olive trees and cedars characterize its past devoted to agriculture.

Land of the cedar for excellence, that makes citrus Santa Maria del Cedro annual goal for the rabbis. Cedar is used for the production of liqueurs, sweets, candies, beverages, but in recent years its use is emerging in the pharmaceutical industry.

Throughout the town are available today on various urban clusters: the old town, the villages of Marcellina and Pastina, the sea zone.

Marcellina is a town of about 1,250 inhabitants, situated about 5 km from the the town, towards the town of Scalea, near the river and Lao, with operations primarily agricultural.

Near, there are some archaeological finds of uncertain date, and a little further east on the old SS 18, the remains of a large mansion, also of uncertain date. It is in fact the natural development of Magna Graecia city of Laos.

What to eat in Santa Maria del Cedro

How delicious dishes are crushed olives and eggplant in oil. Delicious also salami, sausages and the first we capocolli. The fusilli with goat meat.