Historical descriptions of Diamante, Calabria

The center of the Riviera of the Cedars, Diamante is nicknamed the pearl of the Tyrrhenian.

The geographical position, its about eight kilometers of beach sand and the varied combinations of color and the crystal clear sea and sea bed makes this one of several tourist destinations of Calabria.

In the town of Diamante is also Cirella charming seaside resort on the Riviera of the Cedars.
The city was destroyed and rebuilt many times over the centuries.

The parish church of St. Maria de Flores has a medieval style Corinthian capitals, combined portacero Easter legneo a bust of the Madonna and Child by the SEC. XIII and other works from a church in Old Cirella.

Towards the coast is visible from the island of Cirella form suggestive and wild flora where the backgrounds are gorgeous and reigns Posidonia silver. Looking up towards the interior, on a hill, you see the ruins of old Cirella destroyed by the French fleet in 1806.

Are interesting on this site, besides the beautiful landscape, a ruined castle and the remains of a church with a Romanesque bell tower and residues of frescoes.

Diamante is now known as the city of murals, the many paintings that can be seen strolling through the streets of the town. Are in fact more than 150 works of art painted on the walls of the old town and the village Cirella, implemented from 1981 by painters and artists of international renown.

The Corvino Park is a natural oasis that is just minutes from Diamante equipped with parking, bar, gym, massage room, picnic area, play areas for children. Its uniqueness stems from changing the landscape becomes mountainous from Marina.

What to eat in Diamante

The cedar is the traditional product of the Riviera of the Cedars of which Diamante is the main center.

 The citron liqueur is produced locally in handicraft way and obtained for the infusion of the bark.

 It also produces the candied citron, obtained from a complex process of brine.

 Other typical products linked to the Calabrian food is chilli, which is dedicated to Diamante since 1992 an annual event called Hot Pepper Festival.

The event takes place usually in early September and lasts about a week.