Descriptions of Grisolia, Calabria

Grisolia is a town of 2407 inhabitants of the province of Cosenza.

Curious is its geographical position, it is perched on a hill and is separated from the neighboring village of MaierĂ  over a cliff (the two towns are only a few hundred meters as the crow flies).

The municipal area is very diverse, extending from the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, where there is Acchio the village, to the summit of Mount La Mula, located over 1,900 m altitude above sea level, the highest attained by a joint Italian with outlet to the sea.

The downtown is typical for its architecture, its dense network of narrow streets and the green patches of vegetation on steep slopes with cactuses that descend into the valley.

Near the central square stands the roof garden with Renaissance arcades where you can admire beautiful panoramas.

Under the Giardino Pensile are the Ethnographic Museum which contains relics of the Neolithic age. Being an agricultural country Grisolia retains the ancient cult of genuine products.

 What to eat in Grisolia

The kitchen has been linked to the traditional type and is rich in flavors and fragrances.

Abound salami made with pork premises that are dried and smoked in the kitchen with wood outbreaks.

Thanks to the many chestnut and oak woods are found in abundance and royal agaric mushrooms.