Historical descriptions of Scalea, Calabria

Scalea is one of the oldest towns located in the Tirreno Cosentino, in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria.

The origins of Scalea are linked to the Lombards and Byzantines who dominated the territory.
Was appreciated by the Romans as a holiday resort. Its name derives from the greek medieval <Kondoskalion> “Little Port”.

Is marked by two towers such as the Torre Talao (later to become peninsula), together with Dino Island and the Isle of Cirella became part of a coastal defense system against invading Turks and the Tower Cimalonga (cylindrical tower built to guard one of the four gates of Scalea and subsequently used as a prison), houses a permanent exhibition of the excavations of Laos.

The Norman castle was built in the XI century on the remains of Lombard Rock. During the Angevin domination, the castle became a military fortress. In later centuries the castle was home to many landowners, losing its military function and transformed into a stately residence. Was abandoned in the late eighteenth century ending in ruins. Today its ruins dominate the Historical Center di Scalea.

The Judas Tower is a control tower located north of the historic center, set up in defense of the castle. It was so named because, according to legend, the watchman on duty betrayed the trust given to him and favored invasion.

The patron saints of Scalea are the Blessed Virgin of Mount Caramel linked to the church of Santa Maria Episcopo or better known as the Church of Our Lady of Caramel is celebrated on 15-16 July and the Madonna del Lauro linked to the Church of the Madonna del Lauro which is celebrated on 7 and 8 September.

What to eat in Scalea

Scalea offers visitors a cuisine full of heady flavors, where the fresh fish, caught daily in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, plays a major role. The many ways to enjoy tuna and swordfish, fried fish, soups, sauces and the various baked dishes are to be tasted to the full. Not lacking, however the vegetables and various garden products that surround all the special pasta dishes, which are almost always served with sauces made with lamb, pork, veal and beef, with care in a delicious tomato paste . All this is flavored with delicious hot peppers from Calabria.

How to have fun in Scalea

For lovers of the extreme exercise Scalea has the following sports:

- Rafting is descending on rafts along the Lao River;

- Canyoning is an excursion on foot and on water swimming. Jumps and slides on rocks in pools with the use of ropes and harnesses to pass certain unevenness;

- Trekking is synonymous with walking in the mountains, countryside, in out of town, looking for obselete places, old marks left by the ancient human activities, natural beauty, landscapes. You can make excursions in the Parco Nazionale del Pollino;

- Hang gliding is an adjustable rectangular parachute, which allows you to hover in the air leaping from the top of very steep slopes.

- Orienteering means advancing on the ground with the help of a map and a compass, determining for yourselves the best way forward, based on choices that take account of ground conditions, the network of roads and trails, obstacles or hazardous areas, trying to assess what is the path is faster and more convenient to reach the goal fixed in advance.

- Kayak is a small boat, tapered shape, moved with a paddle or two blades, used by Eskimos for hunting seals. In the sport of canoeing the canoe is of lightweight material, used in competitions, one, two or four seats.

- Quads 4-wheel motorcycle that can make you experience with your friends for moments of pure fun.


Scalea To Day

Today Scalea has about 10000 inhabitants and still preserves the structure of the medieval village.

Scalea is today an important tourist destination and resort that bases its economy mainly on the tourism industry: numerous recreational facilities, in fact, are stationed along the coast.
Infact, there are many hotels like the Hotel Santa Caterina, Hotel Talao, Hotel de Rose (and others ..) places right on the sea, perfect places to spend your holiday in total relaxation.

Always near the sea we also have many village.

If Scalea a time was inhabited only in the Historical Center, and yet still inhabited, today has grown to become a real town thanks to the various palaces and villas that were are built over time.

Scalea besides being an attractive location for holiday is also a place where you can live comfortably all year round.

Scalea offers flats of any size, both with sea views and both with mountain views.