Historical descriptions of Maratea, Basilicata

Maratea is a town in Basilicata, in the province of Potenza.
For the beauty of its scenery has been dubbed the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with its beaches and vibrant arts scene is one of the main tourist destinations in the region.
Maratea is also the only town to appear on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Its coast, set in a magnificent location and environment, is diverse in inlets and coves, reefs and shores. Worthy of attention are the lovely grounds and over 50 land and sea caves, some of which have yielded fossils and prehistoric remains. The Cave of Marina with stalactites and stalagmites.
Most of the territory of Maratea consists of mountains and hills, being the only flat area where the village Catrocucco stands near the mouth of the River Noce.

The town of Maratea is dominated by Monte San Biagio, on whose summit stands the statue of the Redeemer, second in size only to that of Rio de Janeiro. Below the statue there are clinging to the side of the mountain, the ruins of the ancient village of the castle. The opposite side of the Statue is the Basilica of San Biagio. Between the first and the second Sunday in May is held the solemn celebrations in honor of San Biagio, the patron saint of Maratea.

The old town offers a wonderful concentration of buildings and monuments of great historical and architectural value, including many churches no coincidence Maratea is also famous as the city of 44 churches, rich of art.

What to eat in Maratea

The Lucana cuisine is a wise conjugation of simple and genuine, without sophisticated processing and often combined with spontaneous collection of products.

The staple food is the oil, (which now has replaced lard) flour and wine, often of household production: the typical Mediterranean diet. A dish of the oldest and the sausage.
The vegetables are often enjoyed as a main dish, alone or accompanied by vegetables or pasta: legumes, grains, vegetables and herbs are the basis of strong tasting dishes at the same time harmonious.
The pasta, handmade with only whole-wheat flour, salt and water, is fusilli, Lagana, macaroni, strangolapreti, all accompanied by excellent meat sauce or with these legumes or vegetables.